Online Brand Workshop

Learn the simplicity of creating an effective brand. Use storytelling to engage your ideal customers and clients and learn how to easily start marketing your business. 

Whether you are creating a new brand or refreshing your existing brand then this course is perfect for you. Learn how to align your business with your core values, personality and personal style to create a brand that reflects you and your uniqueness, allowing your passion to sparkle through in your brand.

"The clear, concise, step by step guidance on how to create a truly unique brand that sparkles, made it really simple and easy to understand"

- Leah Njega, Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner


The cost of the workshop includes a video (1hr 50mins) and a workbook with exercises. 

Workshop content:

  • Understand what a brand is and how it's so much more than your logo
  • Learn about your core values and how to align these with your brand
  • The 5 basics steps to branding
  • Start to style your brand with the look, voice and feel 
  • Introduction to colour psychology 
  • Get clearer about marketing 
  • Improve visibility and raise your brand awareness

Buy this course now for £137.00 ($183.55).


What others are saying about this course:


Nina Gray, Owner & Director of Chepstow Pet Supplies Ltd 

"I have a 5 year old business that I am looking to expand online and wanted some ideas of whether I have been going along the right path for the last few years! I thought the workshop was very encouraging and motivational to someone either wanting to start or refresh their brand. There were lots of useful hints and tops throughout. I really enjoyed the workbook, as it really did challenge me and make me think! Everything was very informative and I especially liked the section about use of colours for the look of your brand. The talk felt like it was on a one-to-one basis as well, which was a nice touch. Thank you Carolyn."


Leah Njenga, Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

"I have been procrastinating on starting my business, especially because I have been re-designing my logo and website, before putting my products and service online. For 5 months, I've been trying to create a look and feel that is authentic to my nature, my creative business and something that would really appeal to my ideal client.

I was feeling so frustrated because I didn't understand exactly how to do it, until I took Carolyn's Online Brand Workshop.
I know taking this course is one of the greatest actions my business and future self will thank me for.
It has been a fun, beautiful, joyfully creative experience for me, filled with a lot of insights, "aha!" moments.
The clear, concise, step by step guidance on how to create a truly unique brand that sparkles, made it really simple and easy to understand, especially since I'm a beginner in business and entrepreneurship. I'm so unstuck now, its unbelievable! Furthermore, this course has brought me insights into how I can better the services I will offer my clients.

I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to create a brand they care about, into one that sparkles like a diamond.
I'm so grateful Carolyn. Thank you!!"


Lin Cross, Transformational Coach, Trainer & Consultant of Adjusting the Balance

 "I am just starting to create a new company specialising in transformational Coaching with women who need some support to reassess their life & formulate powerful tools that will shape their future. The workshop has been so helpful & has empowered me to learn about new tools & strategies that will really make my business shine! Thank you!!"

Buy this course now for £137.00 ($183.55).